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Joe Carter


“Smiling Face” for Joe Carter’s Eulogy

We Will Survive Cancer, February 27, 2016, 4th Annual Celebration of Life

By Gwendolyn Beck

As the wind blows in the trees, and the smoke rises above the fire
Joe went through life capturing his hearts desires.

A natural in business and fun,
He never failed to realize the best in everyone.

Always a smile on his face, and a song in voice;
He brought cheers and greetings as was his choice.

Friends called on him as colleagues did too,
Offering a hearty “HOWDY” to all of you.

He traveled the world and embraced its cultures,
Adapting and collecting all of its wonders.

He loved adventure, and it was a major part of his life,
Seeking and searching – finding plenty of nightlife.

Successful was he in work and in fun,
He embraced each and every one.

The girls flocked around and he embraced the bliss,
Joe never wanted to miss a kiss.

Mountains and beach and city and sky,
He lived the life we all dream by.

The smile on his face brightened with the snow beneath his skis,
the brisk wind in his face, Ripping down the mountain handsomely.

Rushing to the party to greet his guests.
Friends, friends of friends, all are welcome, it’s a quest.

A great cause is at hand,
We can make a difference I know!

Children, the poor and cancer we fight.
Tonight is the night, we must delight!

Aspen Forever….Rehoboth forever… And, Arlington forever, Joe proclaimed!
But cancer came, and it was his high school, and his hometown that he claimed.

The center of his heart, was always his sis,
She came to his rescue, this we did not miss.

“Best brother anybody could ever possess,
We went through thick and thin, more or less, I guess”.

“We fought like crazy as kids, but love endured,
I miss him, I miss him, as you are sure.”

The cancer came and he put up a noble fight.
Battling long hours into the night.

For months and days and hours and years,
The cancer kept coming despite all our fears.

His body was racked, his pain was severe,
But, the smile deepened, despite all the tears.

Come play backgammon with me my friend, I’ll beat you still,
At the pool, on the balcony, if it’s God’s will.

No matter the morphine, or Demerol, or confusion or tears,
I’ll beat you, I’ll beat you, and you must fear.

The dark angel came and took his voice,
But his smile endured, he had no choice.

Blink once for yes, blink twice for no,
Yet off to the Universe you did go. No fear, no fright, only delight
– the ultimate adventure was in his sight.

With a nod and a laugh, he chuckled to us, never fear,
“I’ll see you soon enough, my dear.”

Cancer won… but we all lost.
Joe Carter’s smiling face now embossed.

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