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Steven Gaffney


The following article was taken from 
a speech I gave at Penn State University's
“Relay for Life” Cancer Foundation benefit
on April 9, 2070.

It was 9:00 a.m. on April 3, 2009.
I was healthy., Or so I thought. By
lunchtime, I was not healthy. The
roller coaster of life was about to take
some major turns.

I was diagnosed with testicular
cancer. The doctor gave me an interesting
perspective when he said, “if you
have to have cancer, testicular cancer
is a good one to have. lt is virtually one
hundred percent curable.”
On one hand, I felt extremely fortunate
and relieved of the prognosis.
However, on the other hand, I was
shocked. I had the BIG “C.” Several
thoughts ran through my head:
“Oh my God! This can’t be happening
to me.”
“l never get sick.”
“No one in my family has had it.”
“why me?”
Then I felt guilty for feeling sorry
for myself. I tried to “motivational
speaker” myself into sucking it up and
dealing with it."

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